For everything we do, we aim to spread love and positivity to the world. We aim to inspire and encourage every soul. Our clothes are sustainable and comfortable. They happen to look stylish, too.

About FAMGO - Our Story

FAMGO Wear is a husband-and-wife sustainable clothing brand based in Toronto, Canada. Like many businesses, we originally started FAMGO Wear to solve a problem of our own.

When our 4-year-old son was hospitalized due to ADEM (a rare disorder that causes inflammation in the brain and spinal cord), we didn’t have any “hospital-friendly” clothes. Our wardrobe was either too uncomfortable to wear all day or too unflattering to wear in public.

From day 1 of his hospital stay, we quickly realized we had trouble finding clothes that were suitable for caregiving. Because of our son’s brain inflammation, he temporarily lost his ability to speak and walk. We didn’t have many clothes that could allow us to easily assist our son with eating, medicine changes, toilet trips (especially at midnight), and were still comfortable enough for us to catch some quick naps.

Nobody is ever “prepared” to see your own child suffer. In the first few days, our son was crying whenever he was awake. He had to endure a lumbar puncture, 5-day steroid treatment, 2 sedations, MRI, IVIG, and countless blood work on his arms. So for him and us parents, who were only getting 2-4 hours of sleep each day, we needed hope. We needed encouragement to cheer us up.

This is why we started FAMGO Wear—inspirational clothing brand. We wanted to solve a problem we had and maybe a lot of parents and family caregivers are having right now. We’re both graphic and product designers by trade. Our goal is to design clothes that are centred on positivity and inspiration. The fabrics should allow for large movement and still be comfortable enough to sleep in. Every clothing is designed with motivational messages to encourage the sick and their family and friends. To remind one another to persevere.

For every item sold, we give back to children’s organizations such as the SickKids Foundation and UNICEF, to help improve the health and well-being of children and their families.